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Day 2

Neither of us slept very well. But it doesn’t matter. We can stop at any time and take a nap if we need. Deke spent the night on my toes through the wall of the tent in the vestibule. I could feel him vibrating when he let out his warning growl to suspicious noises. But he seemed to sleep well. Aida, on the other hand was on red alert and spent most of the night by the fire.

The sun has reached our camp and we are starting to pack up after a filling of scrambler breakfast, coffee and tea. It’s going to be a hot one.

We spent a lot of the morning watching coyote pups playing and scavenging on the other side of the river. Behaving just as any puppy would. I was a little worried if Deke caught site of them he would swim across to join them.

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