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Day 4

Yesterday we were hot and sunburned, bathing in the river for some relief. But today we spent most of the day napping in the tent, it having rained the night before and not ceasing come morning. We only left shelter during short periods that lacked precip for a quick meal before finding shelter once more. We seem more tired than usual. This weather has given us a great opportunity for rest, and there is no rest like that in a tent in rainy weather. I can’t help but think there are few critters not doing much the same thing.

This morning Deke kept busy watching another beaver patrol the shore. It would pop his head out of the water to come a little closer to Deke on the shore before diving under again. At one point he lined himself up with Deke from the middle of the river only to submerge and pop up only a few feet from Deke’s nose, he slapped his tail and disappeared before Deke had time to react. The taunting went on all day.

We were out this evening when the rain slowed and the clouds began to break off for a warm bowl of home-made chili and bannok.

Deke waited patiently on the shore for hours at a time patiently waiting his beaver friends re-appearance. We made every attempt to keep the dogs out of the river and dry before night came, a challenging task with two water dogs.

Our gear has had enough time out of the rain now to dry and we tightened up the tent. Set up on a rocky shore, the vestibule was blown down by the wind a number of times. Boulders and cobble help to keep the lines tight now, we won’t have any more problems.

Although I would enjoy waking up to dry ground I never complain about sleeping in the rain, should it return.

We are planning to take off early tomorrow morning and see if we can’t get picked up tomorrow night in Taber.

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