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Day 3

Yesterday I discovered we were further behind on the river than I thought. I must have been distracted, absorbed by the river valley. After floating under the bridge crossing today we were able to put ourselves back on the map. Nonetheless, yesterday was successful. Despite some quick maneuvering needed around rocks and gravel belts we survived to find a comfortable island to camp.

This morning there were Mule Deer does and fawns on the water’s edge- at least until deke let out a warning howl.

Today we started late for a few extra hours sleep. The dogs kept us up half the night, howling every time the local beaver slapped his tail. I don’t expect that will be the last time.


The gravel is finer down river and we are finding more sand than mud. The river remains low and we know now we won’t make it to our original take-out point. It has been very hot the last two days, preventing us from being on the river for more than 4-5 hours at a time; half as long as we would normally float.

Today was a successful float. Despite some quick maneuvering needed around rocks and gravel belts we managed to arrive at a comfortable island to camp. We spotted a Swift Fox scouring the base of a steep coulee cliff. I expect he was hunting, there were easier and more conspicuous places he could have utilized if he was just looking for water. This has to be the coolest sighting of the trip. It was a first for both of us.

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